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Med-tech for everybody

We believe that where you live should not determine whether you live. That’s why we develop advanced medical technology accessible to everyone, wherever you live in the world.

Starting with an accessible complete blood count device. We designed RevDx™, a portable, affordable, and easy-to-use hematology lab that provides instant results.

Discover RevDx™

The complete AI blood count
device anyone can use


Weighing just 2.5kg the RevDx™ is designed to be taken anywhere to perform a blood test on the spot.

Instant Results

No waiting days for a result. Within minutes you will get a full CBC report.


Perform the blood test without time-consuming preparations or expertise.

EFA medical advisory board

Dr. Joseph Rosenblum

Medical Director
eHealth Ventures

Digital health, home health care and tele medicine are here to stay. The RevDx™ technology arrives right at the intersection of all these needs to provide exactly the solution that the world is seeking right now.

Prof. Aaron Ciechanover M.D. D.Sc.

2004 Nobel Prize Laureate

The potential of this ‘little’ device is huge. Because it can be further developed to analyse bone biopsies and, if you dream big enough, it can be applied to biochemistry, to enzymes. In fact, to anything you can imagine, in each case replacing a very complicated process.

Dr. Ami Neuberger

Head of Tropical Diseases & Travel Medicine Center Rambam Medical Center

The option to perform blood tests away from hospitals opens up new possibilities. It can be used wherever a patient is cared for at home. A pregnant woman who follows her haemoglobin level won’t need to go to the clinic for every blood test, for example.

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