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Where you live should not determine whether you live

Our vision is rooted in the belief that access to quality healthcare should be a basic human need, not a privilege reserved for a few. Too often where you live dictates the level of healthcare you receive. We’re committed to breaking down barriers and bridging gaps in medical access. Whether you live in a bustling metropolis or a remote location, everyone deserves equal opportunities for health and wellness.

Engineer and continuously improve accessible medical technology

At EFA, we’re not just building cutting-edge medical technology. We’re also determined to make it, affordable, simple to use, and portable. We created RevDx™, packaging multi-channel capabilities in one device. We have engineered our RevDx™ solution as a platform that will enable an ecosystem of multiple diagnostics applications over time.

How we do business

By fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, we can develop scalable solutions that address the unique challenges faced by different regions and populations. Through partnerships with healthcare providers, NGOs, governments and local communities, we can create sustainable pathways to better health for all.

Close-up of a person soldering a circuit board with a magnifying glass, demonstrating precision electronic work.

Yoel Ezra

CEO & Founder

Amir Lubashevsky


Oran Zohar, PhD.

Dir. R&D, Algo and SW

Sofia Segal, PhD.

Sr. Mgr. R&D Bioengineer

Haggai Schwartz

CSO (Strategy)

Ayelet Lavie


Oren Rosenfeld


Elad Mor, Eng.

Mechanical engineer & microfluidic expert

Leen Ileimi, Eng.

Algo R&D Tech Lead

Omri Magen, Eng.

Data Science Tech Lead

Suzan Shehade, Eng.

Biomedical R&D

Benjamin Kimelfeld, M.Sc

Biology Researcher

Shiri Itzhak

QA Manager

May Gozlan

Lab Technician

Polina Shulman

Electrical Engineer

Harmen Schepers

Brand manager

Yuli Boguslavsky

Mechanical design

Nir Klein

Electronic Engineering & Embedded Software

Two female scientists in lab coats working with electronic equipment in a laboratory setting at EFA Technologies.

Explore career opportunities at the forefront of medical technology

Join us in our mission to redefine healthcare access and create a world where geography is no longer a barrier to wellness.

Open Application

We are continuously looking for independent scientists and thinkers to join our team. Send in your open application and we will keep an eye out for a suitable position.

Our investors

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