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Into Dr. Stevens’ office enters Anna, a 14-year-old girl with her mother. Anna looks a little pale; she complains about feeling weak and tired lately. Her mom adds she decided to go on a vegetarian diet recently.
Dr. Stevens begins asking plenty of questions about her daily routine and diet, revealing she also had heavy menstrual bleeding.

In physical examination, he notices she is indeed pale but has no other alarming signs.
The Doctor suspects that Anna may be anemic and orders a complete blood count (CBC) test. In the past, he would have had to send Anna and his parents to a laboratory for the test and wait a few days for the results.

But today Dr. Stevens has access to RevDX a portable, point-of-care blood count device in his office. This device allows him to perform a CBC test right in his office and get the results in just a few minutes.

Dr. Stevens draws a small sample of Anna’s blood and places it in a cartridge that is inserted into the RevDX device. The device analyses the blood and produces a report with the results of the CBC test.


The results show that Anna’s hemoglobin levels are slightly low, indicating that she may be anemic. Dr. Stevens discusses the results with Anna and her parents and suggests that they increase the amount of iron-rich foods in her diet and possibly start her on iron supplements.

Thanks to the portable, point-of-care blood count device, Anna was able to get a quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment plan without having to wait for lab results or make an additional trip to a laboratory.

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