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It’s a busy day at the clinic today, it is the beginning of January and many young patients sit in the clinics’ waiting room. Some have a fever, others suffer from a worsening cough or a new-onset rash.

Into the Doctor’s office enters Ben, a 6-year-old, generally healthy boy. Last week he had a mild self-resolving upper respiratory tract infection, but today his parents noticed many bruises on his arms and legs and a non-blanching rash on his abdomen.

The doctor is concerned about Ben’s symptoms and suspects a blood clotting disorder.
She sends Ben to the nurse’s room, where one drop of blood is taken from Ben’s finger, placed in the special cartridge, and inserted into the RevDX device to analyze the blood count.
Within minutes the results reveal what the doctor suspected, Ben’s platelet count is significantly lower than normal, indicating that he may have a platelet disorder or be at risk of bleeding.

The doctor can now discuss the results with the parent and refer them to a hematologist for further evaluation and treatment.

In the past, she would have had to send Ben and his parents to a laboratory for the test and wait a few days for the results or to a busy Emergency department.

Thanks to RevDX – the portable, point-of-care blood count device, ben was able to get a quick and accurate diagnosis and treatment plan without having to wait for lab results or make an additional trip to a laboratory/ER. This was especially important because Ben’s symptoms were potentially serious and required timely follow-up.

The RevDX device allows the doctor to perform a CBC test right in her office and get the results in just a few minutes.

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